Friday, April 19, 2013

The Dynamics of Murder: Kill or Be Killed

The Dynamics of Murder: Kill or Be Killed, is a new criminology text and true crime book by internationally bestselling crime writer R. Barri Flowers.


According to Harold Schechter, Professor of American Literature and Culture and bestselling author, The Dynamics of Murder is "an indispensable sourcebook for anyone interested in American homicide, from law-enforcement professionals to armchair criminologists."


In fact, the book is a multifaceted examination of murder, offenders, victims, and characteristics of homicide in American society. It is generally intended for an audience of students in criminology and other disciplines, as well as professionals in law enforcement, psychology, and sociology.


But the book will appeal to thriller writers as a great resource on the crime of homicide. For instance, there are chapters on serial killers, mass murder, domestic homicide, and terrorism--common themes in many of today's thriller novels.


Fans of true crime will also find this a gripping read. Included are several case studies of real life murders. For example, the tragic tale of Sahel Kazemi, the young woman who murdered her lover, ex NFL football star quarterback star Steve McNair, before killing herself in what amounted to a love triangle is examined.



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  1. How many R. Barrri Flowers are there? This man produces more excellent books per year than any human on earth!

    1. Hey, Burl -- I suppose I am prolific. Keeps me out of trouble. LOL -- Barri