Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing

When I first heard about the "explosions" going off around the finish line at the Boston Marathon, my first thought was that it was a few fireworks as a celebration for those who managed to finish what they had started.

Of course, like everyone else, I soon learned that there was nothing celebratory about turned out to be two bombs going off -- causing mass casualties and chaos. Just as we had let our guard down a little after years since 9/11, terror had struck the country once again.

The authorities have yet to establish whether it was domestic or foreign terrorism -- but the bottom line is the same: we are all vulnerable in a free society to this type of attack. Hopefully, the perpetrator(s) can be tracked down quickly by the FBI or other law enforcement and held accountable for this despicable act.

My heart certainly goes out to the victims, as well as the city of Boston, in coming face to face with terrorism and its aftermath.

The fact that explosive devices were used in this attack illustrates how attackers can wreak havoc on our society by means other than traditional firearms, causing further concern for public safety as Congress works on gun control.

Fortunately, Americans are resilient during times of crisis and tend to band together against a common enemy -- in this case, the specter of terrorism and its intent to strike fear into the hearts of men, women, and children.

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