Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O.J. Simpson, Medical Center, and Nicole Brown Simpson

Having purchased the DVD of the 1960s TV series, Medical Center, last month as a present to my wife (who happened to love the show's star, Chad Everett), we finally got around to watching the first episode last night.

The guest stars of the first episode, "The Last Ten Yards," which aired on Sept. 24, 1969, were O.J. Simpson and Cecily Tyson. Simpson played a college football player, not too surprisingly, and Tyson was his nurse wife.

What struck me eerily was that at one point Simpson threatened to kill his wife and at another, was abusive toward her.

I couldn't help but think of the irony of this, considering that twenty-five years later Simpson would be charged with murdering is real ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Had life imitated art with no one making the connection?

Of course, Simpson was acquitted of both murders in what many called the "trial of the century." However, he would later be found liable for wrongful death in a civil trial.

We may never know whether Simpson, or someone on his behalf, killed his ex-wife or not. Still, that episode of Medical Center and the parallels caught my attention nonetheless.

One can only hope that Nicole and Goldman are at peace in the afterlife...


  1. OJ didn't do the deed, nor was it done on his behalf. It was more done "to him."
    Our fellow true crime author Steven Singular found himself involved in the investigation and was instrumental in compelling the LAPD to share the suppressed evidence that was primarily responsible for the jury's quick verdict of not guilty.

    1. Burl - so you and/or Singular think that OJ got a bum rap, though acquitted???

      If so, too bad he still found himself on wrong side of law at end of day.