Tuesday, December 31, 2013

KIDS WHO COMMIT ADULT CRIMES: by R. Barri Flowers, Now in eBook For First Time!

KIDS WHO COMMIT ADULT CRIMES: Serious Criminality by Juvenile Offenders, from award winning and bestselling criminologist R. Barri Flowers, now in eBook for the first time!


An examination of today’s serious, chronic, and violent youthful offender, this vital book explores the disturbing relationship between youth and serious, violent antisocial behavior in America, examining its antecedents, its onset, and its situational and motivating factors.


"A broad overview of adolescent deviance... An excellent multidisciplinary theoretical base for explaining this most pervasive phenomenon. The text also provides an excellent historical chronology of adolescent offending and the means used to rehabilitate this population.... Very useful for anyone studying juvenile delinquency." -- Cassandra Bowers, PhD, Lecturer and BSW Program Coordinator, Wayne State University School of Social Work

"An essential handbook for criminology students.... Easy to digest. The structure of the book follows the format of most criminology courses with a strong section on intrafamilial causes of delinquency. The section on dating violence will be especially useful in the college classroom." -- Randy Blazak, PhD, Assistant Professor, Sociology Department, Portland State University


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