Sunday, July 29, 2012

True Crime Blog With Kelly Sons

Hello True Crime Readers!

My name is Kelly Banaski Sons. I am a prison rights activist, inmate mentor and crime blogger at The Woman Condemned.( I began in this field because of books Barri and others have written that affected me. I would read the last page and close the book and still wonder…why?

The how and the why behind the terrible things human beings can do to each other are important for more reasons than just to catch the killer. We also have to know these things so we know how to predict, deter and stop the crimes.

I am a firm and resolute believer in human rights and while I face much opposition I feel the human rights of no one, not even prisoners should be taken away. To do so makes less of us as a society, as humans ourselves.

With those things in mind I began to rally for prison reform and basic human rights for inmates. Prisons must be a place for inmates to learn from their mistakes, become educated on how the world works and how rewarding life can be or it’s just a place that breeds more criminals.

Writing has been proven effective as therapy for inmates. A simple letter to a person who has never had anyone speak to them as a human, an equal, finds great revelation in it. Those that have had a decent life find the help and nonjudgmental ear of a stranger can be a catalyst.  It takes time, patience and compassion but it does have an impact.

Barri’s books are especially captivating because they delve into the personal details, the why and the how’s that I crave to know. I am inspired as a reader and a writer. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

You can read about how inmate letter writing can work in my Kindle Single “Friends With benefits: How a Handful of Letters Can Change the World”.
You can also read about how sometimes things go bad in the world of inmate mentoring in my Single “Bitches: Lessons learned From Death Row,”

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