Monday, June 18, 2012

Sex Scandals and Prostitution

There has been much news recently on the Secret Service, military, and sexual allegations involving prostitution and pornography. Prostitution is big business in this country and elsewhere. Though illegal in all of the U.S. aside from a few counties in Nevada, prostitution is legal to one degree or another in many countries. However, it is still a no-no where it concerns the military and Secret Service overseas, with the sexual exploitation fo women and girls a major issue. My nonfiction book, PROSTITUTION IN THE DIGITAL AGE: Selling Sex from the Suite to the Street (Praeger, 2011), explores the modern day commercial sex trade industry, including high priced call girls, streetwalkers, male prostitution, the military and prostitution, serial killers and prostitutes, runaways, thrownaways, HIV, criminal justice, and more. Whether harmful to society or a victimless crime as some argue, the commercial sex trade market is thriving like never before in the digital age.

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